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{The boxes|Boxes|All boxes} {must|should|have to} be in{mint|perfect|like new} {condition|shape}, {with|and have} {exp dates|expiration dates} {of|that are} {8 months out|eight months out|8 months from today|8 months from now}. {Please|Feel free to|Simply} {call or text|contact us|give us a call|call or fill out form|reach out to us|call|get in touch with us} today!

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Now you {know|should be clear on|realize|are aware of} how to {business:lowercase_all} in {City}. {Remember|Keep this in mind}, we {can|will} {help|assist} you if you {want to|would like to} {business:lowercase_all} in {City} or anywhere in the {United States|US}. Just {call us|contact us} for {a quote|an estimate}, {today|anytime} on our main number or local number in {City}. (215) 273-9091.